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Look At The Rubis

Who would believe that in the conservative Midwest, a group of friends in their 30’s, 40’s and 50's attract sold-out crowds to their charity-driven, comedic drag performances?


Known throughout Ohio as The Rubi Girls, this dynamic, close-knit troupe of professionals has been performing since the late 1980’s. Comprised of business owners, a filmmaker, a graphic designer, an IT director, a merchandise manager, a make-up artist, cosmetologists, hairstylists, and educators, the group began performing for one another in an attic during college. What started on Rubicon Street has grown into a frenzy for seating arrangements upon the announcement of a show.


The Rubi Girls are proud to announce that they have now helped to raise over $1,000,000 for HIV/AIDS and Gay-related causes!

Dana Sintell

The headlines in the early 60's were everywhere, there had been a hooker in the White House, sent to take care of the entire Kennedy Administration. Not much came of the evidence, however, 9 months later, Connie Sintell of Reston, Virginia gave birth to little Dana...father unknown. Connie was called as a witness in a trial against Washington insiders in 1964, before appearing she was run off the road outside of Bethesda, and killed suspiciously. Her 2 year old survived and was sent to a boarding school in Arlington, where she later took over the drama department at age 6 and never looked back. To this day, her anger toward the men who took her mother, and really all men, endures.

She is also know as Joshua Stucky – an owner of Square One Salon & Spa.

India Summer

In the late 60's, outside of a textile mill in Hells Kitchen, a bundle was found in an alley with a note that read, 'Take care of Her...I'm off to India for the Summer.' No claims were made of the abandoned baby, but she grew up with a commanding beauty and a skill for clothing and hot glue. Finding the stage in the 1980's as her refuge, 'India Summer' played some big theaters and made some big tips.....and not all legitimate. Her career is storied and checkered. Seeking the love of many has long been her plight, and her drive. She also is know as Brent Johnson – an owner of Square One Salon


One of the founding member of the Rubi Girls, Fonda Peters is often mistaken for the love child of John Goodman and Linda Tripp. Known for her lip sync and dance abilities, NOT, Fonda is often compared to Auntie Mame but a lot drunker. Fonda has a dream of bringing pole dancing to the local senior centers.


Annie Biotix

Annie Biotix was born into the Rubi family 21 years ago and she still doesn’t look a day over 16. Just like her pop idol Ke$ha, she is rough, bawdy, and little delusional. Known as the Un-Queen or the Forgotten Rubi, Annie has finished dead last in every Rubi pageant she entered. Nevertheless, she persisted... and is still vying for attention today. Annie Biotix is the creation of Mark Brewer.

Ileasa Plymouth

At her first rehearsal in 1997, Ileasa Plymouth stomped her cane on the ground and exclaimed “Fame costs. And right here is where you start paying. With sweat...and feathers.” Immediately dubbed “Bulldozer #2,” she demands excellence (but settles for mediocrity). Ileasa is played by Jonathan McNeal of THE NEON.

Tara misu

Tara Misu is a simple girl, who loves bikini tops and short skirts. Tara enjoys lifting cocktails to her face and in her off time she volunteers at the local liberty. Tara is not known for her charm or intellect, but mostly for her amazing cleavage. Scott Winters is proud to have created this character, he has performed with the RubiGirls since 2006. I truly believe that we can all make a difference, let’s find the cure for HIV, together anything is possible.

Radeema coupon

Radeema Coupon was discovered while using the last of her food stamps in line at Dot’s Market. She was buying litter box liner to make her now famous “Ivanka Trump met gala dress.” A sexy, modern day Robin Hood, Radeema can be found stealing jewelry from David’s Bridal for her fellow charity queens in need of beads. She enjoys stiff cocktails, strong men, and cheap outfits. Radeema Coupon is played by Nathan Cornett, a Member Advocate at CareSource.  

minnie skirt

Minnie Skirt was found serving sugared funnel cakes at a WNBA All-Stars game in Myrtle Beach, SC in early 2003. Always known to start a good dance fight , the Skirt’s ballet abilities made her a principal dancer at EPT (En Pointe Technical) and later a lead choreographer for the world renowned Rubi Girls. Minnie also goes by Alex Everett and can be found on Paul Mitchell stages instructing all things hair.

taj mahal

Class, sophistication, refinement---these are words never used to describe Taj Mahal. Taj brings beauty and a comedic timing that make her force to be reckoned with. Whether giving a rectal exam or finding new uses for popcorn, the self proclaimed 8th Wonder of the World is sure to entertain.


Birthed inside a Prada bag and with full hair and makeup, Magestik was destined for gayness! While twirling for coins to help pay for her addiction to couture, Magestik met the Rubi girls. Lured into their fold by the promise of a never-ending closet and an endless supply of jewels, Magestik has been dancing her way across Ohio in hopes of one day finding the elusive Daddy Warbucks. The way she sees it, if that little redheaded orphan can do it, so can she. Though she won't admit to it, sources close to her claim that her affiliation with the rubies is one of mutual convenience, as Magestik is convinced that the group must possess one of the largest rubies in the entire world; worth enough to pay for all the Couture she could ever want. Magestik is played by Matthew Swisher, a makeup artists and representative for brands such as Estée Lauder and IT Cosmetics. Oh can find Matthew at your local Ulta or Sephora locations. 

jackie 0

Jackie O wandered into “The Show Must Go On” and boy has it! She is the newest member to the crew but still just as much of a senior member when it comes to a stiff..... Drink!  Jackie O is played by Jacob Sams


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